One Week Into One Hour

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) provide all the training accreditation for the UK construction industry.

One of the challenges their Colleges faced with training new apprentices, was putting them through an intensive, one week induction which was health and safety based and delivered in the classroom. Maintaining engagement levels for the week was problematic.

We successfully compressed the entire induction course into a one hour Download module.

CITB ran comparative tests between groups of students taking the Download module and others going through the one week training course. The discrepancy in test results between the two was 0.3% and the average mark was 90%.

As a result CITB have been able to redesign the induction process, making it more workshop based which is more appropriate for such vocational courses.

In addition CITB reported increased levels of student satisfaction and engagement and they have found that the Download modules ease the learning burden on some students with learning difficulties.


10,000 man days saved

English Police Forces have to provide updated Stop & Search training for all officers. This training consists of a two day classroom based course plus one hour of eLearning. For the Surrey and Sussex forces, with 5,000 officers between them, this represented over 10,000 operation man days lost in order to deliver the training.

A one hour Download module was developed that included all of the training from the two day course, plus some additional material. The officers were able to do the training when operational requirements allow and 10,000 man days will be saved.

This equates to a 96% reduction in the total cost of training.


20% Better Knowledge Acquisition

Our client was one of the 'big three' global tech companies.

They were seeking training to improve the productivity of teleconferencing.

We partnered with Structural Dynamics experts Dialogix and created a module based upon their methodology.

The client then compared the half day Dialogix delivered workshop with the one hours Download™ module.

In testing they found that knowledge acquisition via Download™ was 20% better than the workshop.