All current teaching methods primarily address the short term working memory and that memory degrades rapidly as the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve illustrates. If you are not familiar with Ebbinhaus see: . This is why students will study a subject for up to three years but still need to ‘cram’ before the exam; the learning has not stuck.

This issue affects corporate L&D and education alike. The difference is that in the work place if you can’t remember what you have learnt you can’t apply it, and revision is not an option. This undermines the ROI that can be achieved from training and has consequences where the training critical; compliance training being the obvious example.

Download™ delivers knowledge that sticks and can be applied. The speed of delivers of that knowledge improves learning efficiency and can dramatically reduce the total cost of training in many instances.

We believe that Download™ also has a role to play in providing high quality learning to groups who may struggle to access traditional learning either through their circumstances or through learning difficulties. Download™ is committed to exploring ways to assist such groups.