Download Human Factors training receives CPD Certification 


We are delighted that the first Human Factors Download module has been certified by the CPD. The module focuses on Human Factors in Maternity. The second module, with a focus on Surgery, is currently being assessed and we are obviously hopeful that it will receive its certification soon. 

The third module in the series, Human Factors in Medicine Management, is currently under development with our partner (and Human Factors Gurus), Atrainability.


Download Partners with Atrainability 

Atrainabilty are the leading providers of Human Factors training in the UK. With their roots in the airline industry, where Human Factors training was pioneered, Atrainabilty now deliver training to multiple sectors, particularly the NHS.

Human Factors training is becoming critical in many industries, which has created the need to provide high quality training at scale. We are delighted that Atrainability has chosen to partner with Download Learning to deliver that training.

We believe that the combination of the Atrainability expertise and content and the effectiveness of Download to deliver high quality learning at scale will make a significant difference to the implementation and effectiveness of Human Factors across organisations.


Download Partner with Structural Dynamics

Download Learning has partnered with global Structural Dynamics experts, Dialogix, to create a module that delivers the foundational knowledge underpinning Structural Dynamics.

Structural Dynamics aims to generate functional communication and dialogue within teams and organisations in order to enable high performance cultures.

The Download module focuses on teleconferencing, as one of the most challenging communication environments, to illustrate the strategies and solutions of Structural Dynamics, but they are applicable to any communications scenario.

The module was piloted by one of the big three global tech companies with great success, delivering 20% improved knowledge acquisition whilst saving over 75% training time.


Download Win BIG

We are a winner! We have just won the Waverley 2018 BIG Award for Innovation.

The BIG Awards may not attract the global entrants of the Learning Technology Awards but it is great to be acknowledged by our local business community.

The trophy will sit proudly on our corporate mantlepiece.


Learning Technology Awards Best Innovation Shortlist

Download made the shortlist for Best Innovation at the Learning Technology Awards 2018. 

Unfortunately we did not win a 'gong'. We understand that whilst the judges were very impressed with Download our innovation is in the application of the neuroscience rather than the technology itself so we were probably in the wrong category!

We were amongst very prestigious company, including Degreed, and The Open University, having already seen off a host of competition including three multi-nationals, to get as far as we did. 

Interestingly we were the only shortlisted company to be developing neuroscience-based solutions. 


Turning Offenders into Entrepreneurs

We are involved in a great initiative originating out of the University of Surrey Business School. The idea is to develop entrepreneurship skills within prisoners to help equip them to start and run their own businesses once they finish serving their sentence. It is at the early stages and we don't know what the final outcome will be but we are excited to think that Download™ could be part of the solution.


We've set up a LinkedIn group

We've set up a LinkedIn group; Innovation in Learning and Development

Why not join it and join the discussion. We hope it will be stimulating stuff.


Is Training Too Noisy?


You’re in a night club. It packed and jumping. Lights, music, lasers, dancers and drink. Someone approaches you. They say something but with all the noise it’s almost impossible to hear. If you could concentrate on their face, lip read, you could probably have picked up what they said. Was that “Would you like to dance?” or “Would you like a drink?” but at the crucial moment you spot someone behind them doing the most ridiculous dance you’ve ever seen! And you don’t even want to be there. You were dragged along by your mates. The message isn’t just lost, its unwelcome.

We all recognise that scenario but what’s it got to do with training? Well, learning is dependent upon clear communication, concentration and motivation.

Imagine… You’re in a training room. The trainer is great, very engaging. But it’s hot. One of the fluorescent lights has a slight flicker. There’s a continual rustle of papers. John keeps checking his emails on his phone. And, that person in the corner keeps tapping their pen on their teeth! How’s the concentration? How much are you taking in? And it’s a Health & Safety refresher and the sun is shining outside for the first time in days.

A very different scenario but the same problems; problems that aren’t simply limited to the classroom.

In order to deliver a learning input successfully you need a ‘clean signal’ without the static that can interfere with the clarity of the message.

Video is currently de rigueur and can be an invaluable media to demonstrating behaviours and application of learning. But it is also being used to deliver knowledge based, cognitive training. Whilst it may engage the learner it is a medium that contains multiple stimuli; a noisy signal. Engagement may be increased but learning outcomes run the risk of being compromised. Gamification can fall foul of the same issues if the mechanics of the game itself require a percentage of the bandwidth of the learner, distracting them from taking in the core knowledge that is the focus of the learning outcome.

If you want to improve knowledge acquisition the input must be clean and free of distraction. That is not to say that it cannot engage, because it must, and it can even entertain if it is structured and presented in the right way. But you must focus on the learning objectives and associated knowledge and nothing else; because anything else is just noise.

Now, about that drink…


University of Surrey Learning Tournament Results

The University of Surrey asked themselves the question, 'Are current teaching methodologies fit for the 21st Century'?

In the largest study of its type ever conducted they tested current methodologies alongside Download™.

The results were startling. Download™ out performed other methodologies across all metrics and in knowledge acquisition alone Download™ was a minimum 20% better than other methodologies.

If you want to find out more about the study and results give us a call.


TED talks and other food for thought

There are some interesting debates, thoughts and initiatives going on around how education should evolve.

The following links raise many interesting points that are salient to the discussion.

The first is a quick fire, animated, Sir Ken Robinson talk (and is worth watching for the nature of the presentation alone; we love it).

The second is a longer more in-depth talk around the same theme.

The last, by Salman Khan of the Khan Academy, provides some interesting insights into how technology is helping to engage students and how seemingly ‘impersonal’ tuition is delivering results.